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PhysioQuant – Ambulatory blood pressure system

Physio Quant is a highly accurate ambulatory blood pressure system with fast data collection of each blood pressure value
and reliable elimination of motion artifacts. Its included analysis software is easy and comfortable in use, offering a comprehensive presentation and assessment. The installation can be made on a conventional PC or on available PC network.
The connection to doctor’s practice EDP or hospital can be easily implemented by GDT or HL7 interface.


Better diagnosis through reliable data
Visiting a doctor’s practice can sometimes cause mental stress, in some cases causing the patient’s blood pressure to increase.
Or you need exact data during the day and night rhythm. The special developed oscillometric measuring method of PhysioQuant
eliminates the Artifact interferences and stands for precise patient data up to 30 hours or up to 200 measurements. You can
chose between different measuring programs for day and night.

Comfortable in Application
As a place of patients well being and con! dence, all kinds of stress caused by medical examination affecting your patient
should be avoided. That’s why the PhysioQuant is designed small and lightweight, ! tting perfectly into the patient’s privacy.
Your patient will bene! t from the quiet and ergonomically designed system not only during the night hours. The range of high
quality accessories makes the product as convenient as possible and provides maximum " exibility and easy handling.
The intuitive to handle PhysioQuant-Windows® software, thus the simple Recorder- programming makes the daily work with this
system fast and safe

Large-Scale Visual Data Presentation
The large-scaled graphics and analytical functions offered by the PhysioQuant-Windows® documentation software optimise the
data processing and allow a well-founded evaluation of the results, reliable diagnosis and therapy control.
Beside the diagram of the curves for Systole, Diastole and Heart frequency naturally also all measured values and results can
be indicated numerically in the form of tables
The interface connector cable makes easy the installation into the electronic data processing systems in today’s medical environment.


Physio Quant

Ambulatory blood pressure system

• Fast and precise registration of NIBP values
• Reliable elimination of movement artefacts
• PC-connection through USB cable
• Integrated GDT interface
• Including NIBP cuff for adults, USB cable,belt bag, rechargeable batteries & battery charger


Physio Quant Performance

• Oscillometric method
• Memory capacity for up to 30 hours (max. 200 measurements)
• 4 programmable measuring intervals
• 3 different measuring programs
• Day / Night button
• Ability of making additional measurements
• LCD display as indicator of measured values
• Metal-connector for NIBP cuff
• Various cuff sizes available
• PC connection by USB cable
• Operation through 2AA batteries
• Dimensions: 105 x 80 x 27mm
• Weight ca. 190g. incl. batteries
• Integrated GDT interface


Technical data






Measuring method

Measuring time

Data retention




30 to 45 s


2 to 90 min, programmable

200 measurements or 30 hrs

Measuring range





Heart rate (HR

60 - 260 mm Hg

40 - 220 mm Hg

35 - 240 beats per minute






Max. cuff pressure


Different sizes available

300 mm Hg




Control pane

LCD (measuring results, error codes)

Start/Stop, Day/Night, Info)

Interface PC-Connection digital Interface (RS-232 / USB via adapter)

Ambient conditions



Operating temperature

Operating humidity


+10°C to +40°C

30 to 75 % (non condensing)

700 - 1060 hPa

Batteries 2 size AA alkaline batteries or 2 size AA NiMH rechargeable batteries (type Mingnon AA / 1500mAh)
Dimensions      99 x 80 x 27 mm (H x W x D)
Weight without rechargeable Batteries 162 g, with batteries 214 g
Order Information Part number
PhysioQuant incl. standard adult cuff and PhysioQuant-Windows® Software 45-00-0501
PhysioQuant Recorder incl. standard adult cuff 45-00-0501
PC-Interface Cable 45-00-0515


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Devices - PhysioQuant

• Safe diagnosis through reliable data
• Easy to set up
• Comfortable data management

                  PN                                        Description                                       Length

45-00-0501 incl. Accessories


Miscellaneous Accessories - PhysioQuant

                 PN                                         Description                                          Length

1001815                                         Data Cable- USB2.0 Type A/Mini-B                     1,5 m
45-00-0507                                     Software- PhysioQuant Win
45-00-0509                                     Blood pressure cuff- Standard 24 - 32 cm
45-00-0510                                     Blood pressure cuff- Large 32 - 42 cm
45-00-0511                                     Blood pressure cuff- Small 17 - 26 cm
45-00-0512                                     Pouch- PhysioQuant
45-00-0513                                     Belt- PhysioQuant
45-00-0515                                     Data cable- RS-232                                             2 m
45-00-0526                                     Blood pressure cuff- Standard 24 - 32cm (Ring)
45-00-0527                                     Blood pressure cuff- Large 32 - 42 cm (Ring)