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V Cal


V Cal


Transportable, stand-alone operation with no PC required

Increases safety with consistent calibrations and bump tests

Provides proof of compliance with hard-copy records from an optional, external printer


Manually bump testing and calibrating gas detectors is a time-consuming burden for many organizations. The V-Cal Calibration Station simplifies these tasks, allowing users to initiate them with the push of a button.


The V-Cal is easy to transport with no PC required. When used with a PC, the V-Cal automatically downloads calibration and bump test reports via a standard USB connection (USB 2.0 preferred). Users can access alarm event data to keep track of gas exposure or to monitor high-risk areas. This PC connection also makes it easy to configure the Ventis™ MX4’s preferences.


An optional serial data dot matrix printer automatically prints calibration and bump test reports. This proves regulatory compliance with records of instrument serial numbers, pass/fail indications, bump test readings and full span readings for the Ventis MX4.




Automatic bump test and calibration

The V-Cal automatically calibrates and bump tests the Ventis monitor. Once the functions are complete, the user is alerted of the result via LED and LCD notifications and provided with immediately printed documentation (external printer option required).

Stand-alone operation with no PC requirement

A PC is not required to operate the V-Cal making the unit extremely portable and flexible.

Dedicated versions available for aspirated or diffusion Ventis monitors

Allows users to automatically calibrate or bump test Ventis MX4 monitors without removing the pump.

Two-button operation

Simple, two-button (“Bump” and “Calibrate”) operation allows the user to quickly and easily calibrate or bump test the instrument.

LCD display

Local LCD display shows operation status by indicating to the user what processes are being performed and whether or not the instrument passed or failed the desired function. The LCD display is also used to access set-up menus.

Multilingual support

The LCD display can be programmed in English, French, German and Spanish. Printouts are automatically printed in the selected language.

LED indications

LEDs located on the V-Cal alert users of "Pass" or "Failed" calibrations or bump tests.

Serial printer interface

A rear serial port on the back of the V-Cal can be used to connect a serial data printer to automatically print calibration and bump test reports.

USB interface

A USB interface on the V-Cal can be used to connect to a PC running a custom software package. The software can be used to view, save and print calibration and bump test certificates, as well as alarm events stored in the instrument event-logger.

Internal memory

Stores up to 150 bump test and calibration reports before overwrite. Reports contain serial number, time, date, sensor information, pass/fail, span values and bump values (for bump tests). Memory will retain information when power is off. Reports can be downloaded to a PC or printed directly to external serial data printer.

Custom PC software

Generates calibration and bump test reports that are automatically downloaded via a USB connection. The unit also downloads alarm events and instrument details, allowing the user to quickly and easily configure instrument preferences.

User-adjustable calibration interval

The user can select the frequency of calibration to be printed on the certificates.