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FlexMon Pulse

FlexMon® - the ingeniously simple solution

One for all and all for one!

The new system developed by EnviteC, FlexMon®,
is the curcial step towards the efficient use of sensors.
In future the individual EnviteC SpO2 sensor can be connected to
any device in a family of monitors, thus significantly reducing the
number of sensors required.

FlexMon® sensors not only reduce costs considerably, they also save
an enormous amount of time during operation. Both,
users and hospital purchasers benefit from this simplification.


FlexMon® offers advantages that will convince you:

• Lower investments
• Greater flexibility
• Cost savings
• Optimised stock-keeping
• Better overview


FlexMon - Pulse Oximetry Sensors

PN                       Description                                                        Length

1001679            Disposable Sensor - DA-3003-1 FlexMon          0,45 m
1001804            Disposable Sensor - DI-3003-5 FlexMon           0,9 m
1001802            Disposable Sensor - DN-3003-6 FlexMon          0,9 m
1001803            Disposable Sensor - DP-3003-2 FlexMon           0,45 m
1001712            Disposable Sensor - DW-3003-6 FlexMon          0,9 m
1001674            Ear Sensor - ES-3003-9 FlexMon                     0,9 m
1001673            FingerClip - F-3003-9 FlexMon                        0,9 m
1001709            SoftTip® large - R-3003-9 FlexMon                 0,9 m
1001710            SoftTip® medium - RM-3003-9 FlexMon          0,9 m
1001711            SoftTip® small - RS-3003-9 FlexMon               0,9 m


• Reduced sensor variety
• Multi complatible for economocal
• Long life ang robust connection

PN                       Description                                              Length

1001676            X-4003 GE Datex Ohmeda                   3 m 
1001729            X-4004 Datex                                    3 m
1001730            X-4005 Ohmeda                                 3 m